Our People.

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C4D Intel

Alistair Scott-Farris

Managing Director

Alistair is an experienced business leader, project director and quality professional with more than 15 years in the energy and resource sectors across the globe. Whilst his career commenced in quality and assurance, recent roles have focused on business development, strategy and commercial across the infrastructure, hydrocarbons and mining & metals sectors, with responsibility across the Asia Pacific. Alistair’s leadership at C4D Intel permits his broad industry experience to provide data capture and analytics across varying industries, enabling clients to safely reduce their OpEx costs whilst improving production and productivity of their operations.

C4D Intel

Will Wishart

Operations and Sales Manager

Will is responsible for overseeing aerial platforms including field operations and sales and leasing. He has spent much of his career consulting to the hydrocarbon and mining industry in Australia which has resulted in more than 15 years on ground experience. He has a strong understanding of legislation, risk management and technology capability which leads to efficient, safe and outcome focused mission execution. Will is an experienced Project Manager and RPAS operator.

C4D Intel

Travis Marshall

Asset Inspection Manager

Travis is an experienced Project Manager and leads the Asset Inspection division of C4D Intel. Travis has managed numerous projects across the mining, energy and agricultural sectors in Western Australia and abroad over the past five years. He is a certified Remote Pilot with significant experience undertaking both internal and external asset condition inspection using advanced inspection tools such as remote crawlers, remote aircraft and telescopic and tethered camera systems. Travis has a Geographical Information Science (GIS) background and a Spatial Science degree from Curtin University of Technology.

C4D Intel

Stuart Paisley

Senior Photogrammetrist

Stuart is a Senior Analyst with qualifications in geodetic and geophysical survey. Having designed and delivered hundreds of imaging and LiDAR projects throughout Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand, Stuart has an unrivalled knowledge of sensor deployment, calibration and management. Stuart’s work at C4D Intel concentrates on sensor advisory and integration, data processing and workflow development.

C4D Intel

Dr Joshua Kelcey

GIS and Remote Sensing Analyst

Joshua is an Analyst with a Ph.D. in GIS and remote sensing. Having had years of hands-on experience working with UAV’s Joshua has developed valuable skills across all areas of the geospatial data lifecycle, including raw data collection, spectral calibration, data validation, and spatial modelling. Joshua’s work at C4D Intel concentrates on the development and automation of complex geospatial processing tasks.

C4D Intel

Jian Chai

Geomatics Engineer

Jian holds a Degree in Surveying, a Masters in Geomatics and a Doctorate in Remote Sensing for BIM (Building Information Modelling) and Construction Engineering. Jian has world leading capabilities in the nexus between remote sensing and engineering. His post doctoral research was to monitor construction process with sensing and tracking techniques to improve intelligence level of construction process and enhance construction productivity.